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Is It Necessary To Use The Bearing Heater?
Apr 11, 2018

Since I studied science and engineering at university, I couldnt do without equipment of all sizes. Although I were also a delicate girl, I become a woman who can screw bearings. Me,who have been in the machine-related industry for many years also saw a lot of new types of equipment. Today let us discuss that whether the bearing heater is necessary.

Let's talk about the use of a bearing heater. I believe that you are smart. You can know it by the name. This is a type of machine used to heat the bearings, and the heating is for installation. The amount of expansion can be installed. Therefore, bearing heaters are needed.

Then everyone may think, what is the method to install the bearings without this bearing heater? The traditional methods are nothing more than those: fire, gas, battering, oil cooking. The price of its own bearings is not cheap, and then these ancient methods are used to install the bearings. The damage to the bearings is greatly increased. The boss may feel bad.

Let me talk about the current national development trend. Environmental protection and technology must be comprehensively covered. When the day comes, you may not have enough money to buy a suitable bearing heater. So, you might as well go ahead and wait. At the time, the cost has long since returned.

Not a non-useful machine, but should also have a long-term development vision, WTR brand bearing heater is still worth your choice! Inquiry box:

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