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Is There Any Danger To Operate The WTR Magnetic Induction Heater
Mar 15, 2018

Personal safety is particularly important for plant operators. Is there any danger to operate the WTR magnetic induction heater? I believe this is a problem that everyone cares about.

WTR magetic induction heater, whether it is selected from the equipment raw materials or production process, all the details to ensure the safety performance of the device itself.

(1) Use pure copper induction coils that are more insulated and heat-resistant instead of copper-clad aluminum coils or aluminum coils;

(2) Insulated twin glass enveloping process at -10°C~400°C;

(3) Use Schneider brand electronic components;

(4) Taiwanese OEM custom temperature-resistant epoxy-platinum thermal resistance -50°C~300°C;

(5) Fully enclosed insulated coils eliminate the risk of exposure;

(6) Non-alkali fiber tape and Class F insulation paint, multiple protection and more environmental protection;

(7) Special processing techniques reduce radiation and noise;

(8) High-temperature gloves equipped with SATA brand;

WTR magetic induction heater is also equipped with professional and detailed operating instructions to ensure the safety of every user. If you need, feel free to contact us.  Call 008618562800715 or email to