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It Is A Bearing Heater Which Can Heat The Coup
Jul 11, 2018

How to effectively save costs is an eternal issue. If you have a bearing heater that can heat the coupling, how much can you save the company?

First, the most intuitive effect is the procurement cost, although if the bearing heater needs to heat the coupling, it is necessary to purchase a larger model, the price is higher than the small model, but the procurement cost is less than two!

Second, the time cost, such as heating a coupling weighing about 70KG, using WTR-7.5-3 only takes about ten minutes! Save 83% of your time and increase installation efficiency and productivity;

Third, the labor cost, calculated according to the above time mode, saves 83% compared to the labor cost of one hour, according to a worker 400 yuan / hour for accounting, can save 332 yuan per hour! You can save more than 2,000 yuan a day in eight hours!

Of course, the above data is only valid for WTR bearing heaters. If you cooperate with other manufacturers, irresponsible selection will not guarantee the validity of the data!Contact number:0086-18562800715