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It Is The Motor Housing Heater
Apr 02, 2018

Do you feel any strange for the motor housing heater? WTR bearing heater  is also the motor housing heater.

Because of the wide application of WTR bearing heater, it is not only a good partner for bearings, but also can heat the motor housing,couplings, gears, pump housings, pistons, connecting rods, motor end caps, motor aluminum housings, ring gears and other annular workpieces. In the same way, by using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the internal control of these workpieces is heated to achieve their expansion, so that the installation of these workpieces can be easily performed.

The motor housing heater has two heating methods: time control and temperature control, which can be selected by their own heating method. As long as you provide a specific workpiece material and size range, we can customize your heater for you. It not only has excellent heating demagnetization function, but also simple operation. It is a powerful faction and idolist in the industry, and many types of artifacts can be enjoyed in harmony with them.

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