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Large Bearing Induction Heater Solution
May 25, 2018

Do you feel difficult to heat a workingpiece with 4tons? Mr. Lu is plagued by this frustration and hope to find a large bearing induction heater to solve the urgent need.

Mr. Lu was an engineer in a cement factory. After the communication, they learned that they had previously used the oil boiled method to heat the tourbillon. After each cooking, they also had to clean it. After the entire cleaning process, the temperature was reduced and they need to use other workpieces for installation. Many bearing heater suppliers did not dare to take this major project until they found WTR, which can provide customization for large bearing induction heater. Lu is also skeptical. Check out the video, visit the site, and meet every detail with the engineer. Until the moment when the deposit was paid, Mr. Lu also took a try.

Lu received the large bearing induction heater and quickly tested it. The 4-ton tourbillon heating required only 1.5 hours. After the heating was completed, there was no pollution. The installation was performed directly. It was convenient and quick. 

WTR is committed to solve practical problems for customers, modest and powerful, professional customization of large bearing induction heater. Service line 008618562800715.