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Leading Company Of Rubber Company Locks WTR Bearing Heater
Jul 05, 2018

This time, it is a joint venture. After signing a contract in 2011, it will mainly be engaged in the production, research and development and sales of styrene-butadiene rubber. As long as it is produced, it will use a bearing heater!

The first communication that Sun Gong accidentally learned from the friend bearing heater tool, holding a skeptical attitude in Shangqiao consult our customer service related content, diameter 15 to diameter 480 how to choose? How long is the entire heating process? Whether the workpiece will be magnetized! In response to the above problems, customer service gave one-to-one answers, and hope that Sun workers to leave a contact with the professional sales manager and then detailed docking! By means of WeChat, telephone, etc., Manager Wang arranged and sent a copy of the plan to Sun Gong. Sun Gong expressed satisfaction with the product and service and purchased it with the order!

This transaction, relying on the quality of the bearing heater in addition to excellent, there is a strong customer service expertise, more serious and careful sales manager, thanks to the trust of this leading company, there are problems at any time can call our customer service hotline:0086-18562800715!