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Magical Automatic Bearing Heater
Jun 05, 2018

Can't think of it? Can't buy it? Which is harder to do and the answer is obvious - unexpected! Is there a powerful full automatic bearing heater that we couldn’t think of? The answer can be revealed!

With the development of artificial intelligence in the world, full automatic bearing heater came into being. No oil cooking, no electric baking, no need for a bunch of people to get busy, just need a worker to get all the work, first you need to install The bearing is simply wiped. This is done mainly to avoid slight smoke during heating! Then select the corresponding yoke, put the bearing on the yoke and place it on the heater to form a closed loop of the electromagnetic induction line! Place the temperature sensor in the bearing inner ring, select the corresponding temperature, generally 110 degrees Celsius! So silently waiting for the completion of the heating, it will automatically power off and demagnetization! Take the bearing to complete the installation!

This entire process, small full automatic bearing heater can be completed in only three minutes, the time of large bearings will be slightly longer, the specific details can consult