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Metallurgical Industry Application Of Bearing Heater
Mar 20, 2018

In The most widely used bearings in the metallurgical industry are guides and rolling mill bearings. Guide bearings are mostly small bearings. The cooling method is usually used during installation. Occasionally, bearing heater is necessary. Examples of rolling mill bearings used in special conditions, radial load capacity requirements are extremely high, and the machine running time is determined by the roll wear conditions, installation, removal more frequent, so most manufacturers are selected when designing separable four-row cylindrical roller bearings can satisfy radial load requirements, and roll installation and removal are very convenient.

All things have advantages and disadvantages, usually when the roller needs re-grinding, the bearing has not been damaged and can continue to be used, but the inner ring of the cylindrical roller bearing is very thin, it is difficult to remove with a puller, if you use the destruction method to disassemble the bearing can not continue to use, it is also easy to damage the shaft. In the face of this problem, the WTR-C bearing heater is also known as a bearing remover. It can be described as an artifact. Using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, it takes only 1 minute to remove the inner ring from the shaft. , And will not cause damage to the shaft and the bearing.

Bearing heater specific implementation and operation method, please email We also have better solutions for the installation of motors and reducer bearings.