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Multi-purpose Bearing Heater
Jun 29, 2018

With the advent of smart, we can not wait to integrate all the appliances together, so save space! So for the factory, is there such a device to solve all the installation of the workpiece? That is the bearing heater.

Of course, this is not a bearing heater that can be easily picked up from the market. Please look for the WTR manufacturers! As small as the bearing, the middle to the coupling, and the large gear roller, as long as you choose the right type, you can achieve rapid heating effect! There may be people who raise objections. They may also be able to heat up when they make inquiries. But when you communicate with them, ask your family to heat a 4 ton idler and it will take several hours. Is it a day? But WTR's home only takes two hours!

When communicating with the sales manager of the  bearing heater, you will definitely feel that the price is high, but if you can use it for ten years, the average year will be one or two thousand. This way is not expensive. For more pricing, please contact: 0086-18562800715.