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Open Training! Impact On World-class Bearing Heater Manufacturers
Jun 22, 2018

WTR opened a large-scale training class once a year, and the participants were each WTR people, only for better bearing heater manufacturers.

Learning makes people progress. We cannot stop learning at any time. In addition to the small training courses organized by each branch company, bearing heater manufacturers organize large-scale training every January. In this large-scale training, WTR's senior engineers, sales directors, and after-sales directors will conduct detailed knowledge training. The engineers will share with you the technical issues that have been summarized in the past year and the upcoming research projects. The Sales Director will share his experiences with each customer over the past year and will focus on teaching his new way of selling in a clever way. The after-sales director will also communicate with you about the problems encountered after the sale, telling everyone how to better serve each customer.

Because the bearing heater manufacturers continue to learn and communicate,  it will get better and better. Service phone 0086-18562800715.