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Sep 13, 2018

Nowadays, with the development of the network, we can only imagine that we can not buy it. For example, the bearing induction heater needs more research and comparison if we want to buy it to be satisfactory, so as to avoid being fooled by unscrupulous businessmen fundamentally.

The quality of the bearing induction heaterdepends on the raw materials and processing technology.Raw materials: the main raw materials are silicon steel sheet, induction coil and other electrical equipment.The silicon steel sheet has the waste recycling and military standard, from the literal meaning also can distinguish its good and bad, the main identification method is the bearing heating speed, the faster the proof material is better!Induction coil has pure copper, aluminum, copper clad aluminum, this part of the choice directly determines the equipment life!The selection of electrical appliances by schneider is different from other brands, which is related to the maintenance frequency of equipment.Processing technology: for precision bearings, the quality of demagnetization effect directly affects the operation of the product. The ability to be lower than 2A/CM can meet the industry standards!

Seemingly indiscriminate for bearing induction heater, its size, heating rate can identify the quality, if you want to 6308 to 100 ℃ heating only 1 minute, please waite, professional engineers to assist you with product selection! Consulting hotline: 0086-18562800715 or Email: