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Portable Bearing Heater - A Magic Instrument For Maintenance
May 16, 2018

Most equipment maintenance services enterprises don't like large and heavy machines because they are very laborious to get to the site. Then repair magic instrument appeared --- Portable Bearing Heater.

At present, WTR has 3models of theportable bearing heater, which are 2.5KVA, 3.6KVA and 8.0KVA respectively. The 2.5KVA machine comes with a black suitcase, suitable for workpieces with a minimum internal diameter of 15mm. This machine is currently the main detonation model for many foreign agents, because foreign customers generally like the more compact and exquisite things, and this machine's working performance is very high. The most environmentally friendly way of interference fit is the use of bearing induction heaters. These three lightweight portable bearing heaters can replace SKF, BEGA, FAG. At present, these three machines have successfully entered service maintenance companies in Iran, Zambia, Russia and other countries.

portable bearing heater.png

If you also need a lightweight machine, then the portable bearing heater will meet help you better.  Service contact: