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Portable Bearing Heater Promotion
May 30, 2018

The portable bearing heater rushes through the peak period of environmental protection audits throughout the exhibition and conducts showroom promotion activities. The main processing models are as follows:

WTR-HE2500: The main feature of this portable bearing heater is lightness. It is suitable for you to go out for maintenance. The overall weight is only 15KGS. You can really come and go on a trip.

WTR-HE3600: This is a bit larger than the WTR-HE2500 and weighs 30KGS. However, the size of the heated workpiece also increases, and the heating of small workpieces is faster.

WTR-2.2-3: This model is barely portable. The whole machine has a weight of 50 kg. It is suitable for moving around the factory to heat the small parts. If you do not carry it out, this is the first choice because of its cost-effectiveness. Can heat small gears, small couplings, etc.!

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