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Power Plant Application Analysis Of Bearing Heater
Mar 20, 2018

Today's domestic power industry is still based on thermal power. With the country's attention to the environment and energy issues, low-capacity and high-energy-consuming units are gradually shut down. The new batches and units under construction are all supercritical with low energy consumption and high production capacity. The unit, the equipment operating stability requirements are getting higher and higher. Bearing heater are is widely recognized in power plants. On the one hand, the efficiency of maintenance can be improved, and more importantly, it can reduce the damage of bearings caused by incorrect installation and improve assembly accuracy.

The main production equipments of thermal power plants include motors, speed reducers, fans, and water pumps. The bearings used in these devices are all cylindrical holes. The earliest repair bearings are installed using the heating method of waste oil cooking, which can easily cause pollution and eventually cause the bearing to advance. damage. With the spread of bearing heater, it has become an indispensable tool for power plant maintenance operations. As with the selection of the best bearings, maintenance personnel have begun to pay attention to the quality of bearing heaters, especially the effect of demagnetization. They are all accumulated through painful lessons。

WTR as a new generation brand of bearing heater, has already gained the trust of many power plant customers. It could not only be used to heat the bearings, but the motor's couplings. The bearing heater used in the power plant is the conventional model of WTR. For details, please contact