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Precision Bearing Installation Method
Jun 13, 2018

People tend to be quiet in their comfort zone, shield new products and technologies, and are only accustomed to the old methods that they like to use. For example, bearing installation methods like to use oil to cook. Obviously knowing that is not good, but they do not want or have no chance to understand The latest solution.

The customer Mr. Yu said that the bearing products that he had been doing for so many years did not even know that there were bearing heaters. In fact, this equipment has existed for a long time. It has only been popular in the past three years. It is currently the safest, most convenient and efficient method of bearing installation. Can set the time, set the temperature, according to their own needs for the installation of the workpiece, the entire intelligent control, to the time or to the temperature will automatically stop heating, you only need to wear insulated gloves gently install the bearing on the shaft.

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