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Principle Of The Bearing Induction Heater
May 25, 2018

Whenever you talk about such profound words, you often feel confused. Today, please relax and follow me to understand the principle of bearing induction heater to ensure easy understanding.

First of all, there are the following categories: industrial frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency. The difference between the principle of the bearing induction heater and the frequency of the bearing heater is frequency, and the frequency of the power supply is 50-60Hz. The medium-high frequency is higher than this frequency, in which the high frequency is deeper and the frequency is higher than 10000HZ, as long as it cannot be used. The frequency of home use can be imagined as harmful. Of course, if your plant is fully automatic and unmanned, you don't have to worry about this.

Secondly, there are the following ways to call it: tower, movable, portable, etc. What must be said here is the tower type, which is of high frequency nature. Please choose carefully.

Third, the principle of the bearing induction heater is different, the most reliable is the eddy current induction principle under the power frequency mode, even heating through the electromagnetic closed circuit, this product must be optimistic about whether the automatic demagnetization function, if not The bearing and spindle are very damaged.

Finally, one point, when it comes to the principle of bearing induction heater can not help but think of the heating speed, which is where manufacturers can do a fuss, please order carefully, there are any questions you can consult WTR bearing induction heater, only hope you can Buy the right product for you.