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Record Of WTR Induction Bearing Heaters In Metallurgy
Mar 21, 2018

On August 8, 2017, WTR technical engineers made a special trip to the site of the Zhengzhou Changcheng metallurgical equipment in Henan Province to commission two on-site induction bearing heaters WTR-60-4 and WTR-16-4 for the customer.

Customers have connected the machine power cord, check the power cord interface no problem, prepare the machine for debugging work, WTR-60-4 induction bearing heaters is mainly used to heat the coal forming machine roll skin and bearings installed on the shaft, roll and the axis fits around 20 filaments and the initial calculation requires heating to 120°C.

Before the commissioning, give detailed instructions on the use of WTR induction bearing heaters to field operators, to ensure the safety of the operator (electromagnetic effects on the pacemaker and hearing aids), and to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged due to misoperation rather than normal (No air load, temperature sensor could not be folded).

The initial heating adopts the temperature control mode, and the heating temperature is set to 120° C. After the roller skin and the yoke iron are installed in place, the temperature sensor is installed and the heating is started. Contrary to what the on-site workers expected, the 300-kg roller skin only took 16 minutes and the installation was very smooth, indicating that the amount of interference was large enough. Then debug WTR-16-4 induction bearing heater, bearing heating temperature principle does not exceed 110 degrees, the heating effect is to make customers full of joy.

Once again, WTR induction bearing heaters have won the recognition of customers with reliable performance. The "I'm on-site" series of reports will continue to bring more on-site information. You can also call 008618562800715 to learn more.

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