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Safe Operation Of High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment
May 03, 2017

High frequency induction heating equipment for electronic (vacuum) tube, high frequency electromagnetic oscillation, electric power is 10~200kW, the highest voltage in about 15kV. so the requirements of equipment internal insulation must be in good condition, the relevant part of the casing must be reliable grounding. Insulating rubber pad should be placed in operating station. The equipment should be equipped with protective wooden railings, painted red and white paint. High voltage danger sign. High frequency should be bright light, good ventilation, indoor temperature should be controlled at 15~35 C. Install exhaust device to exclude the exhaust fumes from the heating of the workpiece. Due to the frequency of high frequency equipment 30~500 KHz, will produce RF radiation. When the body absorb a certain amount of radiation, will occur with biological changes, short wavelength (frequency) and biological changes show increased group and autonomic nervous system function disorder symptoms of neurasthenia. Therefore, the radiation field of the equipment (such as high frequency transformer, feeder, operating capacity, coupling capacitors and inductors, etc.), should take measures to shield. In order to prevent the leakage of electromagnetic wave and the influence of nearby (about 100m) of the electronic equipment and radio communication, should also be the whole room shielding, to ensure the working environment of the radiation intensity in the specified range (should pay attention to the electric field strength E = 20V/m; H = 5A/m. when the magnetic field strength:

(1) must have more than two people to operate the high-frequency equipment, and designated the person in charge of the operation. Wear insulated shoes, gloves and other protective articles.

(2) the operator must be familiar with the operation rules of the high frequency equipment, check whether the cooling system of the equipment is normal before starting, and the power can be sent immediately after the normal operation.

(3) all the doors should be closed before the operation, the door should be equipped with electrical interlocking device to ensure that the door is not closed before delivery. After the high pressure, not free to the machine after the activity, is strictly prohibited to open the door.

(4) the workpiece should be removed from the burrs, iron filings and oil stains, otherwise it is easy to generate the arc when the heating. Arc current is not only damage the visual acuity, but also easy to damage the sensors and equipment.

(5) high frequency equipment should be kept clean, dry and clean soil, abnormal phenomena found in the work, first of all, should cut off high voltage, and then check the troubleshooting.

Someone must have high maintenance equipment, open the door, first with a flashlight on the anode, gate, capacitor discharge, and then start the repair, repair strictly charged.

(6) the safety regulations relating to electrical, mechanical and hydraulic transmission shall be observed in the quenching machine. When moving the quenching machine, it should be avoided.