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Service Life Of WTR Bearing Induction Heater
Mar 08, 2018

Mechanical life is the most concern for the user. Does the WTR brand bearing induction heater life make you satisfied? I will help you know more about it from the following aspects.


(1) Insulation: The insulation will be normal aging with an aging period of 6-8 years.

(2) Electrical: fragile parts are mainly buttons. The use of buttons depends on the number of times, usually within two or three years to replace. The replacement procedure is very simple and the user can purchase the button to replace it.

(3) Meter: The normal use of the meter cycle is 3-4 years. The working environment of the heater must not be too dusty or oily, and it requires standard operation. If the instrument is damaged, the user needs to purchase the original from the manufacturer and then replace it.

I just list the relevant conditions of several components that are easy to aging. The WTR brand bearing induction heater provides 3-year host warranty (high-silicon-silicon steel sheet and pure copper induction coil) and 1 year warranty on the bearing induction heater (excluding temperature sensor ). Excellent product quality and perfect after-sale policy to help you use more peace of mind. Service call 008618562800715.