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Small Details In The Process Of Using The Bearing Heater
May 03, 2017

Bearing heater is life, then we usually use the process should pay attention to what matters?

First, the grounding wire of the power supply must be available. Bearing heater power wiring, should be strictly in accordance with the instructions in the guide voltage wiring.

Secondly, the host does not arrange the yoke, press the start button switch is prohibited, otherwise will damage the instrument or discard the fuse.

Furthermore, the magnetic probe should not be placed on the heating workpiece, in order to extend the life of the probe, heating uniform bearing, even if the use of time control to extend the life of the probe. Bearing heater temperature must not exceed 120. Otherwise it will make the bearing annealing.

Then the temperature rise of the bearing, the reference index of the temperature of the inner diameter of the temperature rise. Take the workpiece to pay attention to low temperature, in order to prevent burns. In order to improve the heating to the inner hole of the bearing according to the yoke size selection response, should try to choose a larger cross sectional area of yoke.

The last is required when the host power, be taken in heating parts of yoke. The host must be smooth, not skewed, the yoke and the host must meet the end.