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So Nice To Use Induction Heater For Bearing Removal
Mar 15, 2018

The induction heater for bearing removal is combineed of remover and control cabinet. It can be tcustomized  according to the bore size of the inner sleeve of the bearing.

The induction heater for bearing removal could heat the inner sleeve of the bearings or other workingpieces in seconds, and the workpiece can be quickly and easily removed from the shaft after reaching the heating temperature. Manual dismantling in the traditional way can easily damage the shaft while destroying the inner sleeve. When we use the heater to remove the inner sleeve, the inner sleeve and the shaft can be made intact and can be used twice, which greatly reduces the cost of the bearing. Therefore, The induction heater for bearing removal has become a necessary disassembly tool for steel, railway and other industries.

At present, WTR bearing inner sleeve heaters have successfully heated and disassembled special parts such as railway wheel-bearings, couplings, distance rings, and roll rings, which have been highly recognized by major industries. If you just need it, please feel free to contact 008618562800715