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Taiwan WTR Group: A Company That Walks By Strength
Sep 21, 2018

At one time, the name of the WTR Groupwas like the birthplace of Taiwan's Taoyuan. It made many customers feel like a paradise. It only smelled its name and did not see its true body. But since 2015, the group has started a plan to enter the mainland for one year. The WTR brand has been widely recognized in the industry.

At the beginning of its establishment, Taiwan WTR Group focused on high-precision spindle bearings and has a full range of bearing products. It is a leader in precision spindle bearings in Taiwan. Its products have always maintained high standards in terms of quality, technological innovation and after-sales service. At the same time, WTR is a safe and cost-effective manufacturer and leader in the installation and disassembly of professional tools for bearing and transmission accessories.

The professional knowledge and quality products of Taiwan WTR Group have won the trust of many customers, and have become the designated suppliers of leading enterprises such as CRRC Group, Huachuang Wind Energy and Qingdao Iron and Steel! It focuses on the most demanding applications, continuously improving productivity, expanding products and services, and continuously providing social value. Consulting hotline: 0086-18562800715 or Email:


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