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Talking About The Importance Of Voltage To Bearing Induction Heater
Dec 21, 2017

Power supply configuration is particularly important for any device that needs to be powered on. What is the effect for bearing induction heaters?

Each bearing induction heaters at the instrument contains a transformer, the use of electromagnetic induction principle to change the voltage. The stability of the voltage is very important for the operation of the machine. If the equipment is often operated in a voltage unstable environment, the transformers in the equipment are extremely easy to be burnt out, resulting in the inability to operate normally, for example, the power supply can not be started. Therefore, the preparation for use of the bearing induction heater is very much needed. We must check the power supply voltage and power of the grounding is consistent with the instructions on the machine nameplate in order to avoid the failure of the machine due to improper prior inspection.

We should take care of the bearing induction heater for our work more care, so as to maximize its performance. If you need any technical support, please contact 0086-532-66960231.