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Temperature Probe Of WTR Movable Bearing Heater
Mar 15, 2018

Temperature probes are important components of movable bearing heater. They are important for heating and temperature measurement. Therefore, standard use is necessary.

WTR movable bearing heater temperature probe is PT100 type thermoresistor with a maximum temperature of 300°C. Its useful life depends mainly on good operating practices. The WTR temperature sensor uses silver wire material, silver wire resistance is low, and temperature measurement is accurate. The finer the silver wire, the more accurate the temperature measurement. When adsorbing the sensor to the inner ring of the bearing or removing the sensor, hold the white part of the sensor head, and do not pull, bend, or squeezing or pressing with a hard object.

Under good operating habits, the life of the sensor can generally be 1-2 years. In well-maintained situations, it can be 3-4 years. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced with the original sensor. In actual use, the previous period can record the average time of heating of a certain type of bearing to 110° C. based on the temperature observation, and the later time can be heated according to time without using a sensor. Even if you do not use a sensor, you should keep it properly.

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