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The Advantage Of Electromagnetic Induction Heating Equipment
May 03, 2017

Electromagnetic induction heater for industrial energy-saving device

We introduce the principle of electromagnetic induction heater metal in a magnetic field, received high speed AC magnetic field induction, producing countless small eddy current heating, the injection molding machine are placed in a magnetic field, the metal cylinder directly into the heating medium, with insulation layer, so as to achieve energy saving, high efficiency, good manufacturability, long service life, good environmental effect etc..

The electromagnetic induction heater thermal conversion of induction heating technology, can be more than 95% of the energy converted into heat, and heat will not be emitted into the air, in addition to the shear heat, chemical heat energy efficient use, three maximum saving energy.

The lower the temperature of the environment, environmental friendly with insulation protection, the highest surface coil is only about 65 degrees, the operator can red hand on the insulation layer, and do not burn and burn. According to the amount of heat to calculate, can save the cooling period of 4 months each year, in the air conditioning energy consumption can save about 35% of electricity, the workshop will bid farewell to the summer heat at room temperature of 50 degrees, so as to improve the working environment.

The injection molding process is good because of rapid heating, plastic or other material to be heated, the feeding section can achieve the fully molten state, melt quality, color dispersion, dispersion of the filler and glass fiber additives as filling materials can fully mixing, stirring, uniformly dispersed, physical properties for the surface quality better and more perfect, the heating is not dead, can reduce the injection pressure, the injection molding machine mechanical parts also have the effect of energy saving relative, melt quality is good, can improve the material fluidity, and mold rate, shorten the injection cycle.

The comprehensive advantages of the Xiao Peng electromagnetic induction heater energy efficient products are now drawing machine, film blowing machine, granulating machine, injection molding machine, extrusion machine plastic machinery and so many are beginning to use electromagnetic heating for heating of the machine, because the traditional electric heating heat a large part dissipated into the air, and electric energy waste, waste electricity is usually in 40% ~ 50%. Electromagnetic heater is the use of electromagnetic induction principle to make the metal objects inside their own heat, and then coated with a layer of thermal insulation on the outside, to prevent heat and heat to the air. Therefore, the heating mode of the electromagnetic heater is at least 30% less than that of the heating coil. So how long will it take to recover the cost of installing an electromagnetic heater? I think this is a topic of concern to everyone. Today before the installation of plastic machine to do a summary, but also to provide some data for your reference. The following data is only a possible value, and the actual value is not significant. The greater the power consumption, then the more obvious the effect of electricity saving, recycling costs will be faster, if the same power consumption is relatively small, then the power consumption will be relatively small, the recovery time will be relatively slow. The larger the number of power consumption should be the number of wire drawing machine, so drawing machine power saving effect is the most obvious, the recovery time is also faster. Specific data are as follows, for reference only: drawing machine installed electromagnetic heater recovery time: 3 ~ 4 months. Bottle blowing machine using electromagnetic heating method to recover the cost of time: 3 ~ 4 months. Dry granulation machine installation of electromagnetic heater long cost recovery: 3 ~ April. Film blowing machine installed electromagnetic heater recovery time: 4 ~ 5 months.

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