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The Advantages Of Using Bearing Induction Heaters
Sep 21, 2018

It is often said that no one is perfect, this is also in line with the characteristics of any thing, try out the new bearing induction heaters, these advantages are enough for you to wait for yourself!


First, the minimum cost of each cost, in the case of increasing labor costs in the current situation, the labor cost of using oil cooking has far exceeded the procurement cost of bearing induction heaters, and the equipment is a fixed asset, you can Feel free to use for ten years, so that the annual average cost is less than one thousand, only the labor cost of your primary bearing installation! The second point, in line with the new environmental regulations, the recent inspection of various drones is really a headache, companies with bearing induction heaters are fearless, no pollution, no damage to the workpiece, absolutely pure environmental protection! The third point, the automatic demagnetization effect is good, for enterprises with high precision requirements, this is an important procurement indicator!


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