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The Original Bearing Induction Heater Was Made Like This
Jun 27, 2018

Sometimes we have to admire the wisdom of our people. Many things can be self-made, but its security risks are really too big. Today we come to the attention from the details of how the bearing induction heater is made, for those who want to save money. And choose homemade products to remind!

The first is the preparation of raw materials. The silicon steel sheet of the WTR bearing induction heater is the standard for the military industry. The induction coil is pure copper. These two kinds of materials and purity determine the entire heating speed and permeability, so if you make it yourself, you will purchase it in small quantity. The cost is also very high. The second is the processing technology, the layer stack of silicon steel sheet, and the glass envelope of pure copper induction coil, all require professional equipment and skilled workers to operate, so as to ensure the service life and safety of the equipment. The third is the patented demagnetization process, this is a trade secret will not say much!

In short, to buy a cost-effective bearing induction heater, the price is not much more expensive than your home-made, according to the average number of years of use it is even more a few hundred dollars a year, and other advice can call 0086-18-18562800715