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The Same Is Bearing Heater, Why The Gap Is So Big
Mar 06, 2018

About the bearing heater, in addition to SKF, FAG, WTR, we also get many other brand information when search in the internet, but why the gap is so big?

Details determine the cost, I will take you a more clear understanding of the details of the WTR bearing heater.

1. Material Details: Copper induction coil, military standard silicon steel

2. Electrical Details: Siemens, Schneider, Chint and other well-known brands

3. Ammeter: Intuitive embodiment of high thermal efficiency. Can be seen heating a workpiece, the heater consumes electricity.

4. Multiple protection to ensure safety: double glass wire covered wire technology, multi-layer non-alkali fiber tape, F-class epoxy insulating paint

5. Processing Details: Each yoke polished chamfer to ensure that bearings and other workpieces will not be scratched through the yoke.

6. Demagnetization function: to international standards - <2A / CM

These are just a few of the typical advantages of the WTR brand bearing heater, each small detail guarantee a clear disparity in each section. Service Online: 008618562800715.