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The Usage Of Bearing Induction Heaters
May 29, 2018

All things in the world are justified. Some people feel that the role of bearing induction heaters is minimal, and they have an attitude of rejection, but have you considered a real cost account.

Nowadays labor costs and time costs are the most expensive. Four tons of workpieces require six people a day for installation. They may not always be able to be installed in the end, because the process of washing with oil may result in cooling of the workpiece. But how about three people complete it in two hours? This is the role of the bearing induction heaters, which can increase the efficiency of your workpiece installation by 300%. It does not require cleaning, does not require a hammer, and does not require additional process and manpower. Of course, 300% data is not achievable by any manufacturer. This is related to many key factors, such as core raw materials, which can be achieved using military-standard silicon steel sheets and pure copper induction coils.

There are many functions of bearing induction heaters, such as the installation of gears and couplings. For details, please contact: 008618562800715 or email to