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There Is Always A Bearing Induction Heater For You
Jun 06, 2018

Thousands of choices are only for the purchase of favorite things. It is a surprise or a scare, please read on.

This bearing induction heater, named WTR, is suitable for the use of: ring-shaped workpieces such as bearings, gears, couplings, flanges, gears, etc. It is the most difficult to heat the gear because it is characterized by the inner hole. Small, large in diameter, heavy in weight, and heat-dissipating during the heating process, very few manufacturers can heat gears. Even if they dare to say that they can heat, they can guarantee that the effect is unsatisfactory. However, this is the strength of WTR, because the use of materials stress, not afraid of slow heating, many experiments to master how to heat will save more time and energy, pay attention to product quality and service life.

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