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Two Suggestions For Those Who Bought A Bearing Heater
Mar 26, 2018

There is a theory that the value of the goods has increased, and some people even have bearing heater that are not easy to use, and they will not find anyone to quit. They can only silently accept their “fat taste”. There are two suggestions that will stop you from this hairpin!

1. The most direct solution to the problem is to participate in the WTR bearing heater swap activity, with this bearing heater, you can not only heat the bearing, but also heat the gear, coupling, etc., and three years warranty, ten years rest assured use, do not be afraid of trouble, this is definitely a beautiful thing once and for all!

2. If there is no budget to replace, in order to ensure the normal operation of bearing heater, it can only suggest you intermittent operation, and the heating temperature not too high, otherwise the internal parts of the machine can easily be aging, resulting in damage!

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