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Using Instructions Of WTR Movable Bearing Heater
Mar 01, 2018

About the using instructions of WTR movable bearing heater, it contains three aspects: heating, heating and maintenance. Today I will introduce you about some tips we need to know before heating.


The following is what we need to know before the movable bearing heater heating.

1. About the choice of yokes

The best choice of the maximum size to fill the bearing or other workpiece diameter yoke;

Place bearings or other workpieces on the yoke, place the yoke on the poles, and apply special grease to help heat better.

2. About the magnetic temperature probe

Probe is not suitable for non-magnetic and iron-free environment;

300 is the maximum temperature for the probe.

As far as possible the probe placed near the bearing or other parts of the inner circle without grease to keep the probe and bearing clean.


If you want to know more using instructions of WTR movable bearing heater, please feel free to call 0086-18562800715 or email