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We Are More Worried About Your Wrong Use Of Bearing Heaters
Jun 15, 2018

Do not know how many bearing heaters have been sold, there is a deep understanding. That is, we are not afraid to hear the customer say"I am sorry, we bought from other supplier". Because there are many customers who bought other brands and then back to us to purchase, so we are more afraid of hearing the machine malfunction caused by improper operation.

Known customers all know that there are few bearing heaters could offer 3years warranty. The reason why they dare to make such commitments is that they must be able to rely on excellent product quality. But once you think that improper operation caused the machine to fail, it is not covered by the warranty! After the customer receives the equipment, there will be special technology to guide you to conduct pre-operation training, and there are detailed operation instructions in the random data. As long as you follow the regulations, there is definitely no problem.

The most worrying factor is that you cannot treat our bearing heaters gently. If you still have unclear operational issues, you can also call 008618562800715 for consultation!