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What Are The FIRST Of WTR Induction Bearing Heater Manufacturers?
Mar 12, 2018

The reason why the induction bearing heater manufacturers WTR has received rave reviews in the industry is that because it has too many details in the first place.

1. Raw materials quliaty first

Using 0.35mm high silicon steel and pure copper induction coils that meet the military standards, Siemens and Schneider are used for the electrical components.

2. Thermal efficiency first

High quality materials ensure ultra-high heating rates and are equipped with ammeters that detect thermal efficiency.

3. The first demagnetization effect

It not only meets the international standard <2A/CM, but also has a perfect demagnetization effect.

4. Safety first

Fuselage use epoxy board, double glass envelope process, F class insulation paint, from the machine itself to ensure the use of safety.

5. Pre-sales guidance first

6. Senior technical masters will collect data on the workpieces and working conditions and help select models and formulate efficient and reasonable solutions.

7. After sales service first

8. After-sales instructors arrive at the site within 24 hours for installation, commissioning, and guidance.

WTR induction bearing heater manufacturers is willing to help you achieve your work efficiency first. Service phone 008618562800715.