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What Can Bearing Electromagnetic Heater Bring You In The End?
Jul 13, 2018

In 2018, the voice will be on fire, but there will be no shock to the post-70s.Bearing electromagnetic heaters are also hot this year, but many manufacturers are indifferent to them.

First reduce the human cost, in this era of fragmentation, time is money, an hour's artificial cost about 20 yuan, if use bearing induction heater, can save about 17 yuan an hour, calculated according to the frequency you use twice a day, will save nearly $ten thousand a year, equipment cost is back!

Secondly improve brand effect, to manufacturing, factory are rarely able to implement 5 s management, most workers only responsible for the result of the work, regardless of equipment sold after the reaction, so the bearing installation process regardless, pound is finished!But the real influence on the brand is the late use of the equipment sold out. If the brand is denied because of a bearing, it is not worth the loss!

Anyhow, bearing electromagnetism heater is recognized by each big bibcock enterprise, it is to use affirmation to have a lot of profit, might as well also try: 0086-18562800715