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What Is The Bearing Heater?
Sep 20, 2018

Regarding the bearing, we must not be unfamiliar. The bearing is a component that fixes and reduces the friction coefficient of the load during the mechanical transmission process. A bearing heater is a tool for mounting or disassembling a ring-shaped workpiece of a bearing, a gear, or a coupling.


Normally when we install the bearing, due to the installation force requirements, the bearing is not easy to push onto the shaft or push into the bearing housing. Our bearing heater adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, and the heated workpiece is used as the secondary of the coil. The heated workpiece generates thermal expansion from the inside and the surface under the action of the induced current, thereby satisfying the need for interference assembly.


The bearing heater is a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient new product that not only greatly improves our working efficiency, but also avoids problems such as bearing damage and reduced service life due to some traditional wrong installation methods. Nowadays, bearing heaters have become more and more popular among the public. If you have more questions about bearing heaters, please feel free to contact us.Consulting hotline:0086-18562800715 or Email: