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What Is The Bearing Heater
May 23, 2018

When the WTR sales manager presents the bearing heater to the customer, many people will ask what the bearing heater is for.

Today we are talking about the use of a bearing heater! As the name implies, it can be used to heat the bearing, but the WTR brand bearing heater is more than just this one purpose! It can also heat ring-shaped workpieces such as flanges, couplings, and gears. If you previously used oil bath heating, it is actually relatively low cost, but have you found that the early failure of the bearing is particularly serious? Because many factories use abandoned engine oils, the process of cleaning is not performed after heating, so the consequence is that the bearings cannot operate normally.

What is the bearing heater? It can help you to install the bearing efficiently and safely. If you want to have this helper, please contact: 008618562800715 or send email to