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What Is The Bearing Heater
May 03, 2017

Bearing heater is also called bearing induction heater, induction heater and electromagnetic induction heater. Heating elements and platform integration, safe, reliable, easy to use. Mainly used for heating metal bearings, gears, bushings, bushing, ring, pulley, shrinkage, etc. various types of connectors, bearing heater by heating expansion, reached the assembly needs. Features include: quick setting plate temperature, alarm temperature, real-time temperature display, over temperature automatic protection, automatic insulation, etc..

Bearing heater is applicable to power plants, textile, papermaking, chemical industry, petroleum, mining machinery and maintenance in the field of machinery manufacturing and maintenance, can be used as heating bearings, gears, bushings and other mechanical connectors, round shaped workpiece and automatic demagnetization, the cylindrical expansion, interference assembly requirements, the heater the use of microcomputer control, can make the heater automatic detection equipment failure, automatically adjust the heating power, soft start / stop.

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