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What Is The Bearing Heating Temperature?
Jun 08, 2018

Today let us discuss what the bearing heating temperature is to ensure the normal operating life of the bearing inside the equipment.

In many factories, bearing heating methods such as fire-bathing and oil bathing are still used. The temperature of bearing heating is not known at all, nor has it been seriously pursued. However, with the stringent quality requirements, we have begun to pay attention to this aspect. Some customers have chosen bearing heaters for bearing heating. Using eddy current induction, they will automatically stop when the temperature rises to the set point. The entire process takes only fifteen minutes for the small bearing and a large bearing heater for the large bearing. The time does not exceed twenty minutes.

What is the heating temperature of the rubber cover bearing? Not more than 110 °C.This precise temperature control, bearing heater is the best choice. Service line: 008618562800715.