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What Is Your Favourite Bearing Heater Look Like?
Jun 22, 2018

There are still many customers who have recently consulted bearing heater! At the same time, more and more ideas have been learned from customers.

 After the price was reported, some customers said that "bearing heater is a very simple thing, nothing, we are using the same kind of electric baking pan heating is the same! Why are you so expensive?"When I heard this, I was pinched . At the same time, my heart wonders, what kind of bearing heater is the customer's most desired? Some customers will very clearly point out in the consultation, must be copper coil, demagnetization must meet international standards, heating time must be controlled within how long, the amount of wire must be reached by the amount of interference, these conditions indicate the customer What is the ideal heater in mind? Some customers can only use one or two thousand dollars for the machine. The low price is what they want.

So, what should your bearing heater look like? Interactive, 0086-18562800715.