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Where Is The Magical Bearing Induction Heater
Mar 01, 2018

Where is the magic animal? It's in Harry Potter's story. But the magical bearing induction heater is here - in WTR.

Bearing induction heater is as a bearing installation tool, is liked by all industrial users. Why such a popular phrase on the market, "WTR bearing induction heater is simply amazing," I think you must be looking forward to an explanation.

1. Compared to SKF, WTR bearing heater has higher heating efficiency

2. International standard of demagnetization is <2A / CM, however, the demagnetization standard of WTR can reach 0.8A / CM

3. WTR heater temperature sensor is a real silver wire, can measure 300 , SKF sensor can only measure 200

4. WTR bearing heater host warranty for three years, three years warranty, three-year warranty!

5. WTR bearing heater easy operation and good use of results to help users have a good mood everyday!

In fact, in addition to the above mentioned points, WTR bearing induction heaterare also with more magical place. For more magic products,Call at 008618562800715 or email at