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Which Bearing Induction Heater Is Suitable For You
Jun 26, 2018

When you visited the supermarket, did you discover that something was not what you wanted to buy, but there was an impulse to buy it after seeing it? Bearing induction heater fall into this category. Perhaps you don't think you can use them, but when you look at other people's homes, you're asking for more!

How to determine what type of bearing induction heater is purchased? First, identify partners, we must have a small reputation, because such companies will focus on word of mouth, focus on customer experience, the product's production and services continue to upgrade and optimize, like Taiwan WTR is a good choice, settled in the mainland later The brand name is not so famous. Now it has an advantage in buying price!

Followed by the determination of the bearing induction heater model, which need to choose according to the size and weight of your heating workpiece, if you only heated the bearing, then you can select the smallest bearing and the largest bearing model; if you need to heat the gear, coupling and non-standard parts, it is best to provide detailed drawings, this will be accurate selection! If you want to buy,contact me:0086-18562800715.