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Which Brand Of Bearing Heater Is Trustable
May 15, 2018

Today I will answer the question "What brand of bearing heater is trustable" by debating both the material and the talent. So what is the "material" of WTR bearing heater?

(1) Induction coil: The WTR uses a 100% copper coil. Compared with copper-clad aluminum coils and aluminum coils used by other brands, the induction coil of pure copper is more heat-resistant. Therefore, the WTR bearing heater's own weight will be relatively large. Of course, we can't see the coil material from the outside of the machine alone.

(2) Silicon Steel Sheet: WTR selected the military standard 35W270 silicon steel sheet. The thinner the silicon steel sheet, the better the magnetic permeability and the faster the heating speed. Different types of bearing heaters are formed by stacking different numbers of silicon steel sheets.

(3) -10°C-400°C Double Glass Enveloping Process: In the pure copper coil, a layer of temperature-resistant double glass fiber is outsourced, and the heat-resistance of the insulation makes the WTR bearing heater have a longer service life.

(4) Temperature Sensing Probe: WTR adopts a platinum-plated thermal resistance with a temperature of -50°C to 300°C that is custom-made in Taiwan and has a better magnetic permeability. I need to remind everyone that the maximum temperature that WTR's temperature probe can sense is 300°C, but the heater itself can be heated to 400°C. When heating the workpiece to 380 °C, we can use time-controlled heating.

(5) Electrical devices: The electrical components of WTR bearing heaters are all made by the French Schneider brand.

(6) Winding multiple layers of alkali-free fiber and using Class F epoxy resin insulation paint, multiple protection is safer and more environmentally friendly.

(7) Each machine is equipped with a pair of high-temperature gloves, which increases the safety of the user during operation.

WTR bearing heater select the best quality raw materials for each part, thus ensuring the excellent working performance of the machine. Warm service hotline 008618562800715.