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Why Could Not Choose The Coupling Heater Randomly?
May 18, 2018

Recently, I learned from the salesperson that many customers have consulted on the coupling heater.

"I need to heat the coupling of the inner hole 20mm." "Why the price of your coupling heater is so high?" "Others’ heaters can also heat the coupling, it's cheap!" The sound is arguing. Thus I specifically learned from the technicians and sales managers who asked these questions for customers, because I also want to know the answer. After learning, I learned that a good coupling heater is really important. Couplings are not same as bearings and other cast iron components. Couplings are forgings with a thicker unilateral wall thickness and require higher heating temperatures. According to different requirements for the amount of interference, heating 150-220°C is required to meet the assembly requirements. Therefore, it is very particular about the choice of machine quality and machine design. It is not an ordinary bearing heater that can satisfy.

WTR induction heaters could not only heat the bearings, but they are also well-designed coupling heaters. Service line 008618562800715 or email to