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​Why Is Such A Low Bearing Heater So Hot?
Jun 21, 2018

Why is such a low bearing heater so hot?

Taking the appearance of people is not a wise move. It is the truth in people's relationship with others. It is the same when choosing bearing heater.

From the daily product training to the customer's true feedback, we already know that our bearing heater quality is so exquisite! Raw materials: Military standard 35W270 silicon steel sheet, pure copper induction coil, pure silver wire temperature sensor; processing technology: patented demagnetization process, epoxy resin fully encapsulated aluminum shell, dual temperature and time intelligent control; plus its exquisite External modeling, we all have a deep interest in it. But when engineers took the machine apart, we discovered that the entire interior of the equipment was so simple! Perhaps the engineer saw our questions and said: Know why our equipment looks so simple, but the weight is so heavy? It is because we are willing to use silicon steel sheet to ensure the use of customers!

There are pitfalls in the selection of bearing heater. Please keep your eyes open and pay attention to the inherent quality. WTR can answer questions for you at any time: 0086-18562800715!