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Working Principle Of Bearing Induction Heater
Oct 16, 2017

High performance bearing induction heater model WTR-3.5-3 is mainly used for bearings, couplings, gears, bushings, bushings and other workpiece internal diameter 20mm 150mm. It is suitable for railway, petroleum machinery, iron and steel, wind power and other industries. The correct bearing installation is the key to ensure the bearing life.

1. The working principle

The working principle of induction bearing heater is to use metal in the alternating magnetic field to produce eddy current, which is a common method in the process of metal heat treatment. The principle is that when the thick metal is in the alternating magnetic field, the current can be produced by electromagnetic induction. The thicker the metal current, the path of the current flow will form a spiral in the metal, so because the heat of the current is absorbed by the 2. Application

Bearing induction heater for power plants, textile, papermaking, chemical, petroleum, machinery, mining machinery, machinery manufacturing and maintenance in the maintenance field of wind power industry, can be used as heating bearings, gears, bearings and other mechanical connectors, circular workpiece automatic demagnetization, column Peng bilges, interfere with the assembly requirements, the heater can be controlled the use of computer, automatic detection of heater equipment failure, automatically adjust the heating power, soft start / stop.

3.Operation method of bearing induction heater

1. insert the plug into the power outlet with the control switch.

2. check the grounding wire is good, energized by the test pencil test.

3. closing the control switch, at this time the host began to electrify heating.

4. heating the workpiece flat on the heating board, cover the main cover, can be heated.

5. in order to ensure the heating efficiency, the workpiece after heating for a period of time, should be turned over, so that the workpiece heating more thoroughly and evenly.

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