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[WTR Advice] Do You Dare To Use Cone Bearing Heater?
May 22, 2018

I written an article about the cone bearing heater before, but there are still customers constantly consulting this product. Today I solemnly advises you, please do not buy this style heater for the personal safety of you and the people around you. Please suspend use if you bought.

What is a cone bearing heater? Is it the same as a bearing induction heater? As far as its use is concerned, the installation of bearings is carried out, but bearing induction heaters can also be used for the installation of couplings, flanges, and gears; these are not fundamental, and where exactly is the difference? Is its heating principle, cone bearing heater is a high-frequency heating, the ear will gradually lose hearing if working in this environment longterm, more than one year in the basic ears will appear significantly decreased hearing. The other type is industrial frequency heating, which uses a vortex induction principle to heat the bearings.

WTR engineers once had the pleasure of seeing Yang Gong, who developed a cone bearing heater. He himself does not recommend this product now, so please also carefully choose. There are other issues that need to be explored. Please consult by