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WTR Bearing Induction Heater Operating Principle
May 21, 2018

What is the operating principle of the WTR bearing induction heater? Today I will introduce to you. Using electromagnetic induction principle, make the bearing as a secondary coil, when connected power , from the inner to the outer will lead to thermal expansion , which will meet the surplus over assembly.

1. Improving assembling quality, even heating and high precision, keeps the workpieces surface hardness and the inherent quality.

2. Enhanced work efficiency and fast heating speed help to reduce the labor intensity as well as accelerate the assembling process, to achieve the civilized production

3. Reasonable structure, advanced and easy operating, safe without fire danger.

4. Achieving the energy conservation, cost reduction and benefit improvement. To save oil 100% than Oil Heating, 60% power than the electrical stove heating.

5. After the heating stop, WTR Bearing Induction Heater will  degauss to less than 0.8mT, according to the international standard. 

WTR series Bearing Induction Heater is the ideal heating device for the civilized production, high-efficient production and safety production.