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WTR Brand 75KVA Large Bearing Heater
Jun 06, 2018

With the refinement of the precision requirements of the machine, many mining companies have chosen to use a bearing heater for bearing installation. In this case, a 75KVA large bearing heater is necessary.

The WTR-75-4 magnetic pole area is 750*700, the maximum weight of the heating bearing is 4tons, the minimum inner diameter is 150mm, the maximum outer diameter is 1000mm, the maximum width is 350mm, and the heating temperature can reach 300°C. When you are producing or repairing mining equipment such as cranes, conveyors, ventilators, and drainage machinery,etc. use large bearing heater to install bearings or other ring-shaped workpieces to not only ensure personal safety on the site, but also to speed up your assembly line operations. At the same time, the WTR brand automatic demagnetization function guarantees zero damage to your bearings and allows direct bearing installation without the need for secondary demagnetization.

If the standard configuration of WTR-75-4 75KVA large bearing heater cannot meet your parameter requirements, you can provide your parameter requirements. We will recommend the model that suits your requirements to ensure your best use. 24-hour consultation hotline: 0086-18562800715.