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1.WTR always walk in the forefront of the industry's R & D advantages

WTR has a R & D team with more than 1200 people, Chief heater engineer has 30 years of industry experience, design a variety of bearing heater with the international advanced level, WTR has always adopted innovative processing technology standing in the forefront of the industry, combined with 30 years of industry experience to ensure excellent product quality and excellent performance.

2.Quality guarantee from every detail

(1)WTR selected US joint venture brands of high quality copper induction coil, more heat insulation;

(2)Taiwan original temperature -10 ℃ -400 ℃ insulation double glass envelope technology, has a longer life;

(3)Specifies large steel mills 35W270 high silicon steel sheet and a special process, improve the heating rate of 300%;

(4)Electrical accessories are from Schneider;

(5)Taiwan factory customized temperature -50 ℃ -300 ℃ epoxy rods platinum thermal resistance, better magnetic properties;

3. Appointed heater supplier by the International fortune 500 companies

WTR bearing heater is approved by the Mitsubishi, Thyssenkrupp and more famous international enterprises, appointed by the International fortune 500 companies.

4. Achieve the real automatic demagnetization in industry

Most of the bearing heaters could not achieve automatic demagnetization, the residue attached to the metal fragments bearing surface will affect bearing life. WTR adopt innovative demagnetization technology, achieving the real automatic demagnetization, no need extra degaussing machine. There will be no metal fragments pollution after demagnetization, greatly extend the life of the workpieces. Demagnetization reached the international advanced level standard: <2A/CM.

5. Multiple protection makes it safer and more environmental protection

WTR fully enclosed insulated coil minus the risk of the exposed coil, to protect the safety of life more effectively. E multilayer fiber ribbon , F grade epoxy insulating paint, multiple protection makes it safer. Special processing technology makes the radiation and noise to be minimum.

6. More personalized sales and service engineering     

Every WTR heater is with imported high-temperature resistant insulated gloves, makes the operation safer. The heater is tested 100% by the engineer before leaving the factory, there is no need to debug the machine when use, just use once power connected. First supplier who can offer heater operating video in the industry, to help the inexperienced person to use it in short time.